Friday night: Hot Soup with Murderfist and Vatterott

FRI (11/5): HOT SOUP
8:00pm - Free
O'Hanlon's Bar - 349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave.

Nick Vatterott
Raj Desai
Barry Rothbart

Andy's hosting, I'm doing a spot.

My other upcoming shows:
11/7 - 8pm - Sunday Night Standup @ Three of Cups (NYC)
11/8 - 9pm - Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Comedy Contest @ Hard Rock Café (Boston)

Btw, last week's Hot Soup anniversary was a blast. Thanks to everyone who turned out and packed the house. Jim Gaffigan stopped by to talk about whales — here's a blurry pic of that. (It's like Big Foot! Or is it Bigfoot? Hmm, apparently my knowledge of how to spell that word is a bit blurry. Anyway...)

And do you know about the boo off? We invite "terrible" performers onstage and then encourage the crowd to boo. Here's sketch group Fuckleberry Finn (aka Meatsteak) booing it up at the anniversary show:

You can check out MEATSTEAK IS DEAD at The Creek and The Cave in LIC on Nov 20.

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