More Giraldo clips (Insomniac tour, Bonnaroo 2010, and Conan 2003)

Was talking with another comic last week about how he didn't appreciate how good Giraldo was until after he died and he started seeing more of his stuff online. For example, he mentioned how much Giraldo killed it on Attell's Insomniac special on Comedy Central. Here's that.

The beginning of the set is at the end of this clip.

And here's Giraldo at Bonnaroo 2010.

And here's a pre-arm-tattoo Giraldo on Conan in 2003. Love his opening jab at Jake Gyllenhal's Craig Bierko's shirt. The warlord joke is great too.


Danny Solomon said...

That was Craig Bierko in the bottom clip, not Jake Gyllenhaal. You should print a retraction.

Matt Ruby said...

Bierko! I retract my love for you, Danny Solomon.

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