Hot Soup Hanukkah Show!

Y'know how much you think you'll laugh? It will actually be 8x as much laughter as that.

8pm - Free
O'Hanlon's Bar - 349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave.

Josh Gondelman
Jared Logan
Calise Hawkins
Sean Donnelly

I'm hosting and Normand is doing a spot. Last chance this year to see me at the Soup, I think.

FYI, Hot Soup is a FREE weekly standup comedy showcase every Friday. It's produced by David Cope, Andy Haynes, Mark Normand, and Matt Ruby.

Other upcoming shows I'm doing:
Thursday, 12/2 - 8:00pm - Time to Kill @ The Creek
Saturday, 12/4 - 8:00pm - Lil' Seany Boy Show @ Triple Crown
Sunday, 12/5 - 8:00pm - Buns and Puns @ Arlo & Esme
Friday, 12/17 - 9:00pm - Sack Lunch @ Cafe Vivaldi

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