Back in a bit & some podcasts to check out

Sandpaper Suit is going on hiatus for a couple of weeks. Back in 2011 so don't get yer knickers in a twist.

Meanwhile, I recommend you check out Norm Macdonald on Greg Fitzsimmons podcast. Fuck is he funny. Just so so good.

Norm Macdonald comes to Greg’s garage for possibly the funniest podcast in the history of mankind. Norm gives his thoughts on Oprah, he announces women are not throwing, and have never thrown themselves at him, and tells what happens when Alan King mouthed off to Don Rickles. Norm gives comedy lessons with the help of Steve Allen, Greg premieres the new game Talk Your Way Out of It, they play Liar’s Poker, and they write a joke for Greg’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.

And over at AST, ericluxury compiled a comprehensive list of podcasts (with links) in which Paul F Tompkins has appeared. PFT might be my fave podguest around. Those links will show you why.

If you need some reading material, see if you missed any of the "Best Of" posts here or check out "The Pocket" links over at Delicious (that's all the comedy posts I link up in the sidebar).

OK, I hope your stocking is not filled with coal. Although come to think of it, that would certainly be comedic. Give it a go!

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