Chuck Klosterman on Louie's 'brilliance"

Louie's Brilliant Second Season:

What’s so distinctly compelling about this season of Louie is how everyone seems to collectively realize that what C.K. is doing is not only cool, but also authentically artful and unnaturally profound. There’s no debate over its value because there’s no contradictory position to take. It’s not polarizing in any important way: If you’re watching this show, you intuitively know it's fantastic (and substantially unlike the way fantastic TV typically is)...

Right now, Louie is like the Beatles in ’66, or maybe Joe DiMaggio in ’41. These half-hour explorations are not just deftly written, but formally inventive....The level of insight and weirdness C.K. is jamming into these shows is flat-out unimpeachable, and I somehow get the sense that his entire audience is having the same experience as me. It’s a shared recognition of perfection, happening in the present tense...This is someone working on the most radical edge of mainstream culture and succeeding brilliantly without ever doing the same thing twice. There is no antecedent.

The most powerful feeling I get from watching Louie is the sense that it isn't made by a committee. It feels so different to see a TV show that is actually one person's vision. Big teams homogenize things. You watch Louie and you feel like you're watching a single filmmaker, not a writing room.


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Anonymous Hank said...

Great and funny article! Your blog is hilarious and intelligent.

8/17/11, 3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough with the CK worship. Jesus.

8/23/11, 8:45 PM