Think Tank at MSN's Postbox site

Remember Think Tank? That's the video series Mark Normand and I used to do where we sit on a couch and discuss random crap (for example: Dawkins).

Well now we're churning out one a week for MSN's Postbox site for New York City (via Rooftop Comedy) where we discuss different NYC-related topics. Here's a few we've done...

Skate or Die:

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?q=all-All+Topics&id=14205&city=all&category=8&videoId=45f76b61-b5ed-4860-ba1e-64ccec69c961' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: SKATE OR DIE' >Video: LAUGH AT: SKATE OR DIE</a>

NYC Subway:

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?q=all-All%20Topics&id=12581&city=all&category=8&videoId=ab76e552-bad7-4b9c-a657-403eb0897f95' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NYC SUBWAYS' >Video: LAUGH AT: NYC SUBWAYS</a>

NY Baseball (Yankees/Mets):

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?q=all-All%20Topics&id=12304&city=all&category=8&videoId=3df41849-40fb-4038-b29e-ef35ddc5c0a2' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NY BASEBALL' >Video: LAUGH AT: NY BASEBALL</a>

Street Food:

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?q=New+York-All+Topics&id=13300&city=New+York&category=8&videoId=327a1646-7c42-4821-b33d-450578665a1f' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NYC STREET FOOD' >Video: LAUGH AT: NYC STREET FOOD</a>

NYC Pizza:

<a href='http://postbox.msn.com/?q=New+York-All+Topics&id=13300&city=New+York&category=8&videoId=45a9ba8b-b43a-4a47-914d-c392358d57bb' target='_new' title='LAUGH AT: NYC PIZZA' >Video: LAUGH AT: NYC PIZZA</a>

More to come. You can watch the older episodes here.

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