Made With Love at CNN, Huffington Post, NY Magazine, and TruTV

Here are some mentions of Made With Love: Baked Parsnip Chips from around the web...

Huffington Post:

We hope stand-up comedian Matt Ruby has more episodes up his sleeve... if the relationship between the fictional couple doesn't get too sour, that is.

CNN Eatocracy:

A fictional cooking show where the couple's relationship is crumbling just like the cookies.

NY Magazine:

Anyone who has ever watched a cooking show just knowing that when the cameras turn off the hosts are not the chipper, everything-is-yummy people they appear to be is probably not alone. Everyone feels that way. But what happens when the hosts' frustrations are so strong that they sort of start to crop up in the actual show? Well, if it happened and it were funny, it'd possibly be like this faux–Food Network segment, "Made With Love."


This new cooking show needs to be picked up by The Emotional Eating Channel...Made with Love is the kind of food program that I would watch. It has everything you could want: handy information about making healthy snack foods, a pair of knowledgeable hosts, and a passive-aggressive subtext!

Another episode is on the way too. Stay tuned.

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Nice work bro!

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