On not sacrificing your relationship for your career

Recently heard a comic refer to having a girlfriend as a "career killer." In response to that, here's Emily Gordon (self-described "freelance writer/comedy producer married to a comedian") with Eight Tips on Keeping Work From Being the Death of Your Relationship.

Sacrificing your relationship for your career sounds noble and romantic from the outside, but the reality is that it can create a pattern of self-destruction that will ultimately burn you out on the career you've worked so hard to build. It's a trap, and for some, an easy way out of having to maintain relationships under stress.

Anyone who tells you "You have to be single to be a _______" is wrong.

One of Emily's tips: For every one thing you do for your career outside of normal, day-to-day tasks, do one thing for your relationship.

This is a good, concrete tip to help you keep track of who's winning--your career or your relationship. If you set up an evening meeting, make breakfast with your partner the next day. If you have to catch up on emails on a Saturday, do a household chore. It not only makes your partner feel valued, but it will help you to realize that making a meal with the person you love is just as important as any meeting--both are tasks that should make you feel fulfilled.

If you're aiming to keep both a relationship with a significant other and a life in comedy (or anything else really) afloat, it's worth a read.

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