LA trip photos

I'm back from LA. Great time out there. I think my fave place there was the coffeeshop in Hollywood I camped out at for a bit. There was a woman on phone loudly discussing "teamwork" and using Eddie Murphy/Brett Ratner leaving the Oscars as her example of "loyalty." She left and was replaced by a social media consultant teaching an aspiring actress how to use Twitter. I kept looking for a camera. Some photos...

LA (Taken with instagram)

Comedy Bang Bang (UCB-LA) (Taken with instagram)
Shot of Greg Fitzsimmons at packed out Comedy Bang Bang show. Super crowd and great show. Also saw Greg tape his podcast live there a few nights later with Nick Swardson. There's a phone call during it that is phenomenal. Check it when it goes live.

Mann’s Chinese Theater (LA) (Taken with instagram)
Staring at footprints outside Mann's Chinese Theater. Cheesy but still cool.

What’s Up Tiger Lily? (Taken with instagram)
Fuzzy Hannibal at Tiger Lily. Did a bunch of shows with him while out there and, man, he destroys everywhere.

Underground Theater (LA) (Taken with instagram)
DC and Dominic onstage at Magic Bag. Seems like there are lots more cool venues/theaters to choose from out there since space isn't at such a premium like it is in NYC.

Far Bar (LA) (Taken with instagram)
The Frolic Show in Little Tokyo.

Name is “Tramp” (Taken with instagram)
I know how this dog owner feels. I named my cat "Dirty Slut" and she almost never responds when I call her name.

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