Pete Holmes is keeping it crispy with You Made It Weird

I have a new favorite comedy podcast: Pete Holmes' You Made It Weird (iTunes). We all know Pete's a great comedian but I didn't know he'd be such a great interviewer too. He's a self-described comedy nerd and he dives deep with the guests and their approach to doing standup, coming up with a persona, writing, evolving onstage, etc. You can tell he's got a genuine curiosity about standup and loves the whole process of creating laughter.

Also, he seems genuinely close with each interviewee so the conversations feel like old friends catching up. Plus, he always makes a point of discussing two topics with each guest that I find intriguing: 1) how to have a healthy relationship while doing comedy and 2) god/religion. Seriously, each episode I've listened to has been fascinating.

If you're looking for a starting point, I'd suggest the Jim Gaffigan, Neal Brennan, and Kumail episodes. Looking forward to more.

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Derik Boik said...

I totally agree. I've been trying out a bunch of Nerdist affiliated podcasts because you can listen to them straight from the site. Do yourself a favor and listen to the stand up clip Pete posts before the Sarah Silverman interview. The Jim Gaffigan and Demetri Martin interviews are my favorites. I would also suggest that you listen to Making It with Riki Lindhome.

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