Dress your dog up for Halloween

Do you like to show your love for animals by forcing them to do unnatural things? Then you're going to dig the dog costume selection at Costume CRAZE.

Poor Tikidog. He's depressed 'cuz his tits keep falling out of his bikini top.

You wouldn't think a bone would be sharp enough to perform an operation. But you would be wrong.

Why does his pirate hat look more like a yarmulke?

Dogs love a little transgender confusion.

Somehow I'm not getting that Vader intimidation vibe from this mutt.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "dead behind the eyes." Apparently canine law enforcement is tougher than you'd think.

Really? Jewdog!? "Oy, again with the chasing the tennis ball? My back is still killing me what from all the digging for the bones."

More doggie costume madness here.

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