Spotted on the subway

Sk8r Pelegrin0 Boi

Ok, you can carry either a skateboard or a bottle of Pelegrino, but not both. Unless the message you want to send is: "I really like to snowboard, when I'm not managing my hedge fund."


Digging the watch over the sweatband look. He's probably headed to a Fashion Week show.


Anxiously awaiting the next ad in this campaign: "Cottonelle: Back that azz up." Also: Is that dog supposed to be coming out of someone's asshole? At that point, you probably have bigger worries than what brand of toilet paper to buy.

And one more that I saw but didn't get a photo of: Dude wearing a skull and crossbones belt buckle made out of rhinestones. Y'know, to let the world know he's both dangerous and fabulous. Maybe he also carries a switchblade with Barry Manilow on the handle.

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