"This is a roomful of people who would like for you to stop talking"

The scene: Sound Fix in Williamsburg. Open bar for an hour and then the show begins. It's a good crowd for the most part but a few people in the back, who were probably just there for the drinks, keep talking.

I'm the third comic up. I decide to try and plow through the din. It's going pretty well and most of the crowd is digging it. But the talking doesn't stop (the main culprit is this guy at the bar who's talking to a girl and ignoring the stage).

So I decide to say something. The guy doesn't realize I'm talking about him though. So I start pretending I know what he's saying. The whole crowd loves it. Finally he realizes what's happening. Good times.

Here's the video:

1 comment:

Sarah Tomlin said...

LMAO.....that's the best kind of funny....making fun of other people.

just please god don't let it be me. I have a gland problem.

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