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As of November '09, the new We're All Friends Here podcast is available on BreakThru Radio, an online radio station.


BTR Episodes:

  • BTR episode 8/21/2012: Andy Hendrickson, Michelle Wolf, and Nimesh Patel
  • BTR episode 7/26/2012: Jermaine Fowler, Adam Conover, and Jessica Watkins
  • BTR episode 6/19/2012: Nate Fridson, Rojo Perez, and Taylor Ketchum
  • BTR episode 3/20/2012: Greg Stone, Tim Warner, and Luis Gomez
  • BTR episode 1/17/2012: Matt Ruby and Mark Normand interview each other (with guest co-host Neal Stastny)
  • BTR episode 12/20/2011: Adam Newman, Justy Dodge, and Chris Distefano
  • BTR episode 11/15/2011: (Encore) Tom Sibley, Calise Hawkins, and Jonathan Powley
  • BTR episode 10/18/2011: Jessimae Peluso, Andy Sandford, and Amber Nelson
  • BTR episode 09/20/2011: (Best of) Damien Lemon, Dan Carroll, and Jason Saenz
  • BTR episode 08/16/2011: Tim Dimond, Nore Davis, and Jeff Wesselschmidt
  • BTR episode 07/19/2011: (Best of) James Adomian, Michael Che, and Tom Sibley
  • BTR episode 06/21/2011: Jason Good, Rae Sanni, Thomas Dale
  • BTR episode 05/17/2011: Yannis Pappas, Jesse Popp, and Dan Soder
  • BTR episode 04/19/2011: Zach Broussard, George Gordon, and Harrison Greenbaum
  • BTR episode 03/15/2011: Nick Maritato, Phoebe Robinson, and Morgan Venticinque
  • BTR episode 02/15/2011: Michael Che, Zach Sims, and Erin Judge
  • BTR episode 01/18/2011: Damien Lemon, Selena Coppock, Chris Laker
  • BTR episode 12/21/2010: Nate Bargatze, Dan Carroll, James Adomian
  • BTR episode 11/16/2010: (Best of) Kevin Barnett, Mike Lawrence, and Ray Combs Jr.
  • BTR episode 10/19/2010: Jason Saenz, Doug Smith, and Anthony Devito
  • BTR episode 09/21/2010: Tom Sibley, Calise Hawkins, and Jonathan Powley
  • BTR episode 08/17/2010: Sarah Maywalt, Trey Galyon, and Kevin Barnett
  • BTR episode 06/15/2010: Two Year Anniversary Show with Ali Wong, Erik Bergstrom, and Brooke Van Poppelen
  • BTR episode 05/18/2010: John F. O'Donnell, Yannis Pappas, and Ray Combs Jr.
  • BTR episode 04/20/2010: Mike Lawrence, Josh Comers, and Mara Herron
  • BTR episode 03/16/2010: (Couples show) Sean O'Connor/Nicolia Demas, Luke Thayer/Abbi Crutchfield, and John/Molly Knefel
  • BTR episode 02/16/2010: Sam Morril, Mike Recine, and Mick Diflo
  • BTR episode 01/20/2010: Joe List, Nick Turner, and Neil Constantine
  • BTR episode 12/29/2009: Erik Bergstrom, Robert Dean, and Blaine Perry
  • BTR episode 11/24/2009: Roger Hailes, Giulia Rozzi, Leo Allen, and Jesse Geller

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How to subscribe to the show FREE on iTunes:

1. Open iTunes
2. In the top menu, click "Advanced"
3. Select "Subscribe to Podcast"
4. Copy and paste this address into the pop-up window: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wafh
5. In your "Podcasts" page, to the left side of the podcast title (the title is "Breakthru Radio Podcast"), click the little arrow to expand the contents. (Make sure you're viewing the page in "List Form." Click "View" at the top and select "as List")
6. Then click the little "Get All" button on the right of the title to download every episode of We're All Friends Here. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Citizen Radio for the iTunes instructions.)

Older episodes of We're All Friends Here: For older episodes (from June '08 to Sept. '09), you can listen via the player below, via iTunes, or RSS feed.

About the show: We're All Friends Here is a comedy chat show with boundary issues hosted by Matt Ruby and Mark Normand. The live show, which began in May '08, occurs once a month at The Creek in Long Island City, Queens (just one subway stop from Brooklyn and Manhattan). Each show is also recorded and published as a podcast too.

The format: Matt and Mark host NYC comics who do a quick set and then sit down to talk about taboo issues from their lives (sex, drugs, religion, race, etc.) Things can get a bit hairy but it's a safe place — we're all friends here.

We're All Friends Here

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