Me to Moby: "I'm the guy who made that video about all the different ways to kill you"

Ha, I kinda figured it would happen at some point...

The scene: The Rene Risque & the Art Lovers show at Rockwood Music Hall last night. I walk in and see Moby standing right in front of me. The following conversation ensues:

MR: Hey, are you Moby?
Moby: Yeah.
MR: Oh, I don't mean to be weird but I'm the guy who made that video about all the different ways to kill you.
Moby: [Silence...seems confused]
MR: It had 40 different ways to murder you, like with ninjas and stuff. You posted about it at your blog.
Moby: Oh yeah.
MR: I just wanted to let you know that it was a joke and I don't actually want to kill you.
Moby: Ha, yeah. I know. I thought it was a joke all along but some of the other people who saw it seemed to take it seriously.
MR: Yeah, you've got a few kooky fans.

That's kinda a weird way to start a conversation: "I'm the guy who made that video about all the different ways to kill you." (My standard opener is usually much lighter: "Hey, it's me...the guy who's been digging through your trash!")

Anyway, we actually had a brief chat that was cordial. Talked about how people can't tell the difference between fake and real videos (apparently he just made a joke video where he's trying to find 13-year-olds to be in a hardcore band but most of the people who watch it think it's legit).

Also, we talked about how YouTube comments bring out the worst in humanity (I suggested it was due to the anonymity of it all, he thought it was something about brain chemistry).

He'll be the guest on Dave Hill's show at UCB this week too. Apparently, he's Dave's backup when no other guest is available.

And then we parted ways. I always felt a bit weird that someone might take that video seriously in any way so I'm glad it's all good with the man himself at least.

If ya want the whole story, check out "Moby's #1 fan is out to get me."

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Paul Kelleher said...

this has gotta become a bit. effin hilarious.


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