Asian people have straight pubic hair

Whoa, I just learned this the other day: Asian people have straight pubic hair. Talk about breaking the rules! These guys are pube mavericks. I'm impressed.

I know one guy who's half Asian and half white so I asked him about it. He answered, "I'm half Asian and half Jewish actually." I didn't understand how this was relevant. Are half of his pubes straight while the other half is those long curls that orthodox Jews grow? That'd be impressive.

I guess this reveals that I've never been with an Asian girl. It's not that I don't find 'em attractive, I just don't want to be one of those white guys who's into Asian girls. You know the type...They carry a messenger bag everywhere, they listen to NPR, they're scared of white women.

Actually, that does sound a lot like me. Hmm.

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