Louis CK at Comix = most impressive standup show I've ever seen

We watched Louis CK do a 1 hour and 22 minute set last night at Comix. And our table of four comics all agreed: He's the best out there right now. It's not even close. He just filmed a special a year ago and he's got that much new material. And it's not just ok material. It's all fucking great. Every single bit of it.

Was like watching a master class. It's all so effortless, feels like he's just talking. But there's a punchline every 10 seconds. And then he'll keep getting wilder with it until he ends on some crazy line and cracks, "I just said that because I knew it would piss you off." And then he smirks.

More physical act-outs than I've ever seen him do before. And first time I've ever heard him address his new single life. More bits on his kids. And some really great stuff about what's wrong with our culture today. I think his bit on people who complain about their cellphones is destined to be a classic. And he even does 10 minutes on airplanes and airports and makes 'em seem like fresh topics.

At one point, he lost his place (maybe intentionally?) and went in reverse describing the last 6 topics he'd discussed in order to remember his point. The crowd burst out in applause. His response: "People will clap at any list." And then that smirk again. Great. And his intro bit was fun too. All about "I don't know what to say to you people. I don't actually have a reason to be talking to you." Man, it was just all so good.

I feel like he's got some sort of secret formula. Maybe it's the 20+ years of doing it. But I feel like coming up with a great bit is like climbing a mountain for us guys. And for him it's like going out for a jog.

Also, there's so much passion in his delivery. He just really cares (or seems too) about everything he's talking about. All the people he discusses really piss him off and he can't wait to explain why. That energy pushes it all over the top. It's that anger and passion that let him take topics that would be meh if others did them and makes them fly.

Fwiw, supposedly Chris Rock and Darren Aranofsky (director of The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream) were hanging out with him backstage after the show.

Afterwards, we went to UCB and saw Mirman, Schaal, Galifianakis, etc. Was fun. But couldn't hold a candle to what we had seen at Comix. CK is the bar.

And btw, Paul F. Tompkins and John Mulaney are scheduled to do Whiplash next week at UCB. And there's another Benson Interruption there on Feb. 18. Reserve it up. All these kickass shows make ya feel kinda lucky to be in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Two questions: How big was the audience at Comix? and What all did LCK have to say about being single?

Matt Ruby said...

Sold out at the last minute. I don't want to burn any of his material but the single stuff was basically about how he doesn't know how to be single after all his years of being married, the problems with both women his age and younger girls, etc. It's definitely not a sunny picture. But with him, it never is now is it?

Mo Diggs said...

See you at the interruption, m'friend

Aalap said...

I was suffering in the basement. Every time someone opened that ochi's door, I heard either uproarious laughter or applause.

Unknown said...

The Louis CK show sounds awesome. It's great to think that he may be shooting a special as early as next month. It sounds like you had one amazing night of comedy consumption.

Sidepoint: I think that the upcoming Benson Interruption is on Wednesday 18 Feb, not Thursday 19 Feb.

Matt Ruby said...

Thanks Jay, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Good job pointing out the smirk. The smirk was great. It was not only hilarious (CK's take on "hilarious" and "Lisa" was great too) but it was like the comedic equivalent of Michael Jordan's shoulder shrug to Magic Johnson and Marv Albert when he was nailing all those threes against Portland in the 92 NBA Finals. Dominant.

I'm still blown away by that performance. Still feel like I just walked out of the club.

Cory Palmer said...

I didn't imagine this would be the case going into the show last night, but I have to agree with you now. He's the best. I've never seen anything like that. I even caught myself halfway through the airplane stuff thinking "holy shit, he's being funny about airplanes!" He turned one of the most tired premises around into one of the best bits of the night. Master class is definitely the best way to put it.

Oh, and Whiplash was good too.

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