The worst Chuck Norris fact ever

I was watching TV and Chuck Norris came on the screen. Friend of mine goes “Did you know he’s a born again Christian?” THIS is your interesting Chuck Norris fact? That he's a born again Christian? I don't think you understand. Chuck Norris' testicles are fists! Do you realize that? He has fisticles!!! Who cares about his religion? He sleeps on a bed made of human skulls! Get your priorities straight. You need to learn which information to share. "This guy is the square root of destruction...and he's a Sagittarius." ONE of those things is interesting.


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Anonymous Dan Fontaine said...

This bit rocked it Wednesday...

2/27/09, 12:59 PM  
Blogger Luke Cunningham said...

A comic should get the Norris treatment.

2/27/09, 3:07 PM