Don Rickles does crowdwork on TV

Ya don't see crowdwork on tv/albums a lot. That's part of what makes this clip of Don Rickles hosting The Tonight Show in '78 so much fun. It has a genuine "what's gonna happen next?" vibe which ya rarely see on mainstream TV. [thx MN]

Here's the man of the hour (talk about word of mouth: I had four different people tell me to go see "The Hangover" this weekend), Zach Galafianakis, going off on Carl, who has the worst body language he's ever seen (from "Live at the Purple Onion").

And Jimmy Pardo does some brilliant crowdwork with a kid named Ethan on this track of the Comedy Death Ray album.

Do you have a fave clip/track of a standup doing crowdwork? Link it up in the comments.


Danny Solomon said...

Patton Oswalt lacing into that guy on Werewolves and Lollipops during his morning-after pill bit. "When our bodies return to the loam, and the earth is but dust... alien civilizations will know that I am a douchebag."

myq said...

Sean Sullivan from Boston is excellent.


blandon said...

I'll try and find a link, but there's a Patton Oswalt Chunklet single called "The Two Dumbest Cunts in the World" where he just lays into these women who were on the phone during a show. Beautiful.

blandon said...

I couldn't find it anywhere else, so I uploaded it onto my blog.


It's excellent.

Matt Ruby said...

Thanks for posting, Ryan. Interesting clip.

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