Jesse Popp on the NY Times site

Neat. The front page of the NY Times web site has a big pic of Jesse Popp (who I think is very funny) and a slideshow/interview with him. Includes some cool photos with at least a few comics whom ya might recognize — if you're someone who hangs out in the scene, that is.


It's part of the Times' "One in 8 Million" series. However, I don't think they are referring to the one in 8 million comedians trying to get stage time in NYC.


get in here said...

Loving the New York comedy scene right now.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Here is what one man said from El Paso, TX:

33 years ago I was one of a group who were very funny. Many toughed it out, some prospered, some have worked their lives away in lousy clubs, and some of us did not. I have a house I bought with cash, I have an IRA, health care, and am begining my 3rd. career in the academic arena. Did I make the right choice by playing it safer? Well I have not shoplifted in 33 years, I've not gotten a STD, and I am sober. This worked for me, and I am still very funny.
My only wish for Jesse is that he finds his way to the mediation of self. Do the thing without becoming the thing.
Performance is a slippery slope, and life is short.
paz y luz mi hermano!

Bitter, bitter herbs.

I want to see Jesse live again! (Live as in /eye/, not live as in /give/, like the man died. Some of the good ones are still kicking. Also, for the record, and I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but Vince Averill is FIRE.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Maybe I am too simple to understand what it means to find my way to the mediation of self. "Do {comedy] without becoming [comedy.]" How do you become comedy? And what kind of slippery slope is performance? I think he's using slippery slope incorrectly. Teachers have always delightd in confusing me.

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