Podcast for one-year We're All Friends Here anniversary show now up

The latest episode of the We're All Friends Here podcast is now live. It's the one-year anniversary show featuring return visits from Sean Patton, Hannibal Buress, and Dan Goodman. It was an awesome show...get ready for some dirt!

Also, the iTunes feed for the podcast is now up to date with this episode and the one before it too. (For some reason, the last episode wasn't showing up there until now.)

And thanks to everyone who came out to the last show on Friday night (podcast coming soon). Man, we really got somewhere, eh? Here's what our guests said afterwards on Twitter/Facebook: JL: "Just had the most emotionally draining set/interview of my life." Ted: "I had a ball and you guys do a great job!" RG: "That was by far one of the brightest highlights of my comedy 'career.'" Thanks guys, we had a great time too. See ya at the next one: July 24 at The Creek (8pm).

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