Some good '07 posts from Sandpaper Suit

At the end of last year, I put up a list of the best posts at Sandpaper Suit in 2008. Going back even further, here are a few posts from 2007 that stood out:

Steve Martin's advice for making it as a comic: "Be undeniably good"
Moby's #1 fan is out to get me
Rhythm in standup and music
"Stage time in this city is too valuable to waste"
5 reasons new comics should stop listening to albums and tv specials by famous comics
How Chris Rock works out new material in a small club
Chris Rock and I "share" a bill again
"Funny" isn't what makes people laugh
Video: Simon Beauregard's Guide to America

Top '09 posts so far can be found in the "best of" category.

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Blogger d said...

Jesus, I've been reading this blog for two years!?!

6/11/09, 4:31 PM