Brill "In the Tank"

In the Tank with Jon Fisch = cool podcast that offers interesting interviews with comedians like Pat Dixon, Ted Alexandro, Hannibal Buress, etc. Fisch, Dan Allen, and Dan Shaki cohost it.

Recently they posted an interesting talk with Letterman booker Eddie Brill: part 1 and part 2. Both parts worth listening to (1 has more stuff on the history of the NYC comedy scene and 2 has more about being the Letterman booker).

A taste: He said comics should avoid being too finger-pointy with a crowd. "It's never 'you suck.' It's 'we suck.'" Brill says he didn't book Bill Burr for years 'cuz he was still in the "you suck" phase of his career.

Another Brill tip: Slow down and enjoy the moment. The audience will sense that and respond to you better.

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