Myq killed it at his Presents taping last night


That's Myq Kaplan taping his Comedy Central Presents special last night. He crushed it. Ya know you're doing well when your applause breaks keep messing with your rhythm. Myq even started doing a jig at one point to pass the time while the crowd clapped. I think his special will turn out great...no sweetening necessary.

The Sklar Brothers were the second act on the show. Also had a great set. Different vibe. Myq's more of a classic joketeller while the Sklars almost have a vaudevillian feel with the quick back and forth banter and the way they heighten each premise. Their closing bit on Andrew Dice Clay was wonderfully cruel.

I'd never been to a Presents taping before. Quick impressions: It's a hell of a production. Big trucks outside. Fancy stage lights. Crane cameras swooping all around. I can see how if you're booking the comics for it a big priority might be "I want someone who won't fuck this up."

There was only minimal warmup before the first comic. A host did some quick crowdwork and then brought up people in pairs to do a dance off with each other. Sucked balls for those six people but pretty effective at warming up the room I must admit.

The host strongly encouraged lots of energy and applause. And it worked. The crowd was def on the side of the comics. Not like a club where ya gotta work for 'em. After the first set, they switched out the front rows with the middle rows so the faces on camera look different for the two different specials.

And that's about it. They'll be taping more up until Monday. Free tix still available I think.


soce said...

Congrats to Myq!!! Very awesome.

It's funny.. I attended one of these specials last year (John Mulaney / Kristen Schaal). The same guy does the same warm-up routine every single time with the silly dancing.

In fact I happened to be with a fellow comedian, and he performed the warmup comedian's entire set for me, minutes before the actual warmup comedian took the stage.. It was very surreal to see the same set twice in a row, first in person then on stage.

Matt Ruby said...

Soce, you mean you didn't enjoy his "Turn off your cellphones and beepers...and if you still have a beeper, wake up...it's 2009!"???? That's FRESH.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Congrats Myq! It's Drew Fraser who does the warm-ups. It's pretty lucrative, from what I hear. "Ya best old school dance, let me get you're best old school dance! GO!"

Eric Andre and I both got up on stage to do the dance off. Not at the same time. Not even the same year. I think I've been to a dozen of those.

Oh, Matt, did you go backstage to see Myq? Did Myka? I've always wanted to see what they do with you back stage before you come out. Guess I'll find out when I do one.

Matt Ruby said...

No backstage for me, Abbi. But I'm pretty sure Myq was resting in a hyperbaric chamber before being intro'd.

Doogie said...

Myq, congratulations, that's awesome. I'm excited to see it. I like your name real big on the frosted glass behind you.

Matteson said...

Is this the first blog post that Myq can't contradict?

PS - congrats Myq. Can't wait to see it.

Mo Diggs said...

Congrats Myq! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I'm a nicer guy but it couldn't happen to me.

Very excited to hear about the applause break that was so long he couldn't get to the next joke. I call this "the perfect game." One time this comic at Sabelli's was telling jokes which were OK but then he did something weird with the microphone cord and he got so many laughs he could not get to the next joke. He sat in the corner, checking his watch, waiting for the laughs to stop.

I've witnessed the "perfect game" once but this is the second time I have known of one.

Try contradicting THAT Myq! Congrats again.

myq said...

Thanks everyone.
Much appreciated, sincerely.

And I won't try to contradict anything.
Or I will.

Or actually, here:
I went to one of the tapings last year, and the warm-up guy definitely didn't say "it's 2009," so he does switch it up from year to year.


(But mostly thanks.)

londoncalling said...

There'll be no more "myq said "

Don't forget the little people Myq

Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ Mo Diggs: "Congrats Myq! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I'm a nicer guy but it couldn't happen to me." LOL!

@ Matt Ruby: What is it with guys named, "Mike" and hyperbaric chambers?

This picture gives me goosebumps every time I see it. Such an accomplishment!

Mo Diggs said...

Your retweeting addiction has come to Sandpaper Suit. No intervention here.

Mo Diggs said...

I was talking to Abbi BTW. I'll leave now Myq.

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