Breakthru Radio debuts We're All Friends Here show!

The first edition of We're All Friends Here on BreakThru Radio, an online radio station, is now available. In it, we get juicy with Roger Hailes, Giulia Rozzi, Leo Allen, and Jesse Geller. Good things about the move to BreakThru Radio: The show has an expanded format, the sound quality is better, and the racist hat now gets its own alert noise (ping!). So go on over to the BreakThru site to give it a listen.

(Big thanks to Marcus Parks for helping make it all happen. He's also the host of the cool Portrait of a Comedian show on BTR that ya may enjoy.)

The BTR folks are also working on getting a listen via iTunes/podcast link up and running so I'll let ya know when that's good to go. Previous episodes of the podcast available here.

Last Saturday's edition of the show was really super too. We even had one interview that was haunted by a stray cat and mysterious falling objects. Look for that to hit the interwaves next month. And come on out to the next live edition of the show: Sat, Dec. 12 at The Creek. That's a pretty slow weekend for parties and what not so you're probably free.


Anonymous said...
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Abbi Crutchfield said...

This is big. This is very big!

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