Watching Kumail and Patton rip it up on TV

Neat moment after our Hot Soup show on Friday: 15 comics and friends gathering around the bar's TV in the back to watch Sean Patton's "Live at Gotham" set. He did great and everyone loved it. (Btw, Sean did an amazing 30 min set at The Creek recently that really blew me away. He just keeps getting better and better.)

And then a bit later everyone regrouped to watch Kumail Nanjiani's Letterman debut. Man, the Letterman crowd loved him. One of those "tough to get the jokes out through all these applause breaks" kinda sets. And he was even wearing a nifty suit. (Oddly, they played him off to "Born in the USA." What are you getting at, Paul?!) See the recent Times article on Kumail too? Everyone is climbing aboard the bandwagon.

From a personal perspective, I remember seeing these guys honing some of these same bits at NYC open mics less than a year ago. Pretty neat to see the rise from basement to network. I think all the other comics watching at that bar on Friday night felt the same way. For a normally pretty jealous/jaded bunch, there were a lot of good vibes in the room. We all know those guys are both great and deserve what they're getting. So congrats fellas.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

To Paul, Kumail is the Bruce Springsteen of comedy. I always thought he was the Ravi Shankar of comedy.

Great job Sean and Kumail!

Hurry everyone, congratulate them before we fulfill Matt's jealous/jaded prophecy. Too late. I already hate them again.

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