Hot Soup Friday night (11/20) at new venue

We're moving the show a block away to O'Hanlon's for the foreseeable future. I could tell you why. But it involves lots of tears, bloodshed, and a synopsis of the last episode of Cougar Town, so let's just skip all that. Anyway, we did the show there last week and it was groovy so we'll keep it going...

This Friday we welcome:
Kumail Nanjiani (Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel)
Jordan Carlos (Comedy Central)
Hari Kondabolu (Jimmy Kimmel)
Nikki Glaser (Tonight Show)
Dan Goodman (getdangoodman.com)

Every Friday
Showtime at 8pm
349 E 14th St between 1st and 2nd Ave.
Produced by Matt Ruby, Mark Normand, Andy Haynes, and David Cope


mark said...

Hot show! HOt Show!!!!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Funny, I have in my calendar that I'm watching "We're All Friends Here" tonight. Guess that's tomorrow. I have a gig then so I have to miss it. But the soup I might check out.

OH! Loving the new look of the site!

Matt Ruby said...

Thanks Abbi!

Unknown said...

What a terrific show!

Matt Ruby said...

Thanks Josh, it was a hot one!

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