Pro podcasts to listen to

One cool thing about the whole podcasting thing is that you get to hear actual pro comics doing interviews. Gives a whole different color to things than the typical journalist/comedian interview. Three of my fave podcasts to listen to are:

  • WTF with Marc Maron: The funnest part is Marc being forced to apologize to every guest for having wronged them somehow in the past (in some way he doesn't recall). The one with him, Stanhope, and Garafolo is real good.

  • In the Tank with Jon Fisch: Great talks with comics in the local NYC scene. Eddie Brill's talk was fascinating. Ted Alexandro's good too.

  • Kevin Pollak's Chat Show: In depth convos that last 1-2 hours. Lots of non-comedy stuff but check out the PFT and Nick Kroll episodes.

All these shows have been doing some great interviews lately. My suggestion: Subscribe in iTunes and then just listen to the episodes where you know/like the guests.

Also, people keep telling me Bill Burr's podcast is great. He just goes off on a monologue each Monday. I've only heard a couple but it's pretty crazy to just go stream of consciousness like that and have it be compelling.


Matteson said...

Another good one is Greg Fitzsimmons's podcast. Good guests and insight into comedy.

Mo Diggs said...
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Mo Diggs said...

No one gives better podcast monologue than Tom Scharpling on The Best Show on WFMU. His blustery rants on pop culture detritus like Jersey Shore and Jay Leno are unparalleled.

Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

I absolutely LOVE WTF. The Kevin Pollack Chat Show is fun to watch live, more for the viewer chat though - but when there's a comic on, it gets REALLY good.
I'm not a HUGE Chris Hardwick fan (as fan as stand up goes), but his episode was really great.

Stop Podcasting Yourself is pretty good too... the hosts aren't famous comics, but they get good guests and are consistently funny and substantive.

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