Who are you wearing?

Joan Rivers is head cop on E! Entertainment’s “Fashion Police.” How did we get to a place where the person who judges other people's appearances is Joan Rivers?

"Hmm, how does this dress look?" "Let's ask this robot mask made out of stretched skin. She clearly knows what looks good!"

Just saying: People who live in glass faces shouldn't throw stones.


Abbi Crutchfield said...

LOL! I want to hear that on stage. Over and over.

And I happen to love Joan Rivers. How she got cheated out of the voiceover deal in Look Who's Talking Too I'll never know.

By the way Tiger Woods is the new host of Love Connection.

Kiki Kapral said...

I am going to be asking everyone this tonight, I'm guess I'll be hearing a lot of "salvation army" my "roommate's closet"

Hank Thompson said...

Careful. We're gonna be in big trouble when Joan Rivers reads her google alerts.

And she's not made of glass. She's made of whatever those weird masks NBA players wear when they have broken noses are made of. It's very durable stuff.

Anonymous said...

Isn't you making this joke a little hypocritical? Weren't you the one who posted on his own blog, http://www.sandpapersuit.com/2009/03/my-least-favorite-thing-to-hear-ive.html, that you "hate" comedians who talk about stuff they see on TV? As you said, "So why on earth do I want to go to a comedy show, a place where human beings actually congregate to share something real and listen to someone's thoughts, and hear you tell me how stupid Beverly Hills Chihuahua is?"

Why don't you take your own advice and "Don't be a megaphone that amplifies the same crap that's on Access Hollywood and Us Weekly and the rest of the PR machine that dictates what we should care about and consume and watch like we're babies that need to suck on some media conglomerate tit."

I guess its ok when you make those jokes though.

Matt Ruby said...

Anonymous, good point. I do occasionally make jokes about topical stuff or celebs or tv shows. But if it's ever in a set, it's usually only a tiny tiny % of what I'm talking about.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Anonymous, I know another blog you might be interested in spending a lot of time reading, trolling the archives for the purposes of scrutinizing its author.

Matt, what does this mean? You say it a lot. I don't get it.

Good things to do: Be thoughtful. Don't be a dick. Leave your name (anonymous comments are lame). Thanks.

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