Doug Smith added to Saturday's We're All Friends Here

Lineup change! Just added to the show on Sat: Doug Smith (hero who saved damsel in distress/the white scarface)!!!! Show details.

CC Insider on what happened...

Just a few days ago, up and coming New York comedian Doug Smith did something truly heroic. In the 2nd Avenue station, he saw a woman being accosted by a man possibly attempting to sexually assault her. Doug stepped in to help, and the attacker took a box-cutter to his face. Doug now has 25 stitches across his face.

We'll find out all about it.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Yesterday a guy told me to go f--- myself and went off on a crazy rant because I asked him to remove his elbow from my ribs on a packed subway car. The people for Doug Smith!

"...and then a hero comes aloooong...with the strength to carry on..." <-- you have to play this when he walks on stage.

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