Upcoming shows in NYC and Chicago

My upcoming shows:
Dec 6: 9:00PM The Clubhouse @ Telephone Bar
Dec 11: 9:30PM Chicago Underground Comedy @ Beat Kitchen - Chicago IL
Dec 14: 9:00PM Lincoln Lodge Comedy Show - Chicago
Dec 15: 9:00PM Heart of Darkness @ Julep
Jan 4: 7:00PM Family Hour @ Comix (Ochi’s Lounge downstairs)
Jan 5: 8:00PM 50 1st Jokes @ The Creek and The Cave

Future dates are always listed at my MySpace page. Details on tonight's show at The Clubhouse...

Okay Clubhouseketeers! This week is sure to please with some super funny peeps. Come join Peter, Cass and Jay a better show than STOMP! for free!

-Matt Ruby
-Brooke Van Poppelen
-Logan Jacobson
-Kyria Abrahams

The Clubhouse @ Telephone Bar
149 2nd ave. btwn 9th & 10th st
Free - 9ish - be there

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