Everyone in NYC is an “artist”

okeefeIt’s weird how everyone in NYC is an “artist” of some sort. For example, a girl I know went to see her gynecologist the other day. (Nothing serious, just a tuneup...check the tires, change the oil, etc.) And her gyno starts telling her how she’s also an artist. (I mean the gynecologist is an artist…She didn't look at this girl's pussy and go “Wow! This is a work of art.”)

Anyway, I'm not sure I'd like a gynecologist who's also an artist. Who wants an abstract vaginal examination? “You know, your vagina really evokes Georgia O’Keefe's blue period." Or even worse, she might talk like an art show press release: "I can tell your pussy lips address issues of neo-conceptual formalism and conceptually reposition and re-contextualize formal histories of gender roles in our society." That seems pretty unlikely though...especially since gynecologists probably don't call them "pussy lips."

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