Balancing sweet and sour

I need to not be a total dick onstage. I kinda broke that rule at a show last week.

After waiting for almost two hours to get onstage, I was a bit grumpy. So I called out a few other comics who went before me and had already left. One I labelled as being borderline racist (he kept saying stupid shit and then bizarrely tagging it with "Am I right?").

Another I went after for chewing gum onstage (big pet peeve of mine, really disrespectul to the audience I think), saying "because I'm so famous" in a semiserious way, and then telling a joke about airplane food.

I accused another comic of ripping off the premise of this Tig Notaro bit:

But really, it could have been just parallel thinking.

Anyway, I got chewed out afterwards by the host of the show for not being supportive and rushing to judgement. Point taken.

I'm so into getting Bill Hicks-y and "telling the unvarnished truth" that sometimes I forget 1) a little varnish ain't such a bad thing and 2) my opinions/theories aren't always "the truth."

Anyway, I'll try to put the nasty demon back in it's box...well, somewhat at least.

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