Todd Barry's mock feud with Louis CK

I posted my "10 people I hate" thing over at the aspecialthing.com message board. Others have been chiming in with their lists as replies. Todd Barry used his reply to further his mock feud with Louis CK. Here's his "10 people I hate"...

1. Comedians who have red hair and are shitty.
2. Comedians who use initials instead of their real last name.
3. Comedians who go on after me even though they are inferior.
4. Comedians who tape their specials in the Boston area. (But not CD's, because that's where my new one was recorded. It comes out March 4th.)
5. Comedians who have been asked repeatedly to "get out of the business," but don't.
6. Comedians who have this website
7. Comedians who have red hair and aren't funny, and have initials for their last name.
8. Comedians who name their special "Shameless" instead of what it should be titled: "Goodjokeless." Ahahaha. That was the best one.
9. Comedians who name their CD "Live in Houston" when it should be titled: "Goodjokeless in Houston."
10. Comedians who named their current tour "Chewed Up" instead what it should of been titled: "Shittyjoked Up"

Making fun of Louis is the running joke of most of Todd's posts there (e.g. "The CK stands for 'Can't Kill.'")

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