Birbigs' new show "Sleepwalk with Me"

Tonight at UCB: MIKE BIRBIGLIA: 80 Minutes of New Comedy (sold out but there will be a stand-by line).

Saw it last week and it was really great. I think Birbig is an amazing craftsman and what's even more impressive is how effortless he makes it all seem. He just has that natural, friendly, "aw shucks" vibe down so well. Talk about likability.

It's a long show but genuinely riveting and funny the entire time. Check out this interview to hear him discuss how his narrative, storytelling-based style lets him hold an audience's attention longer than straight standup.

He's digging deeper and deeper too. Getting more confessional and opening up real scars from his past (and present). He talks about failed relationships, his health issues, etc. There's even a "life lesson" at the end! Like on a very special episode of "The Facts of Life" but not quite as cheesy.

It's neat to watch a performer of his caliber evolve and get both better and braver onstage. So go if you can.

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