Decent NYC open mics

A new comic asked me about mics that are decent. Here are some that have relatively good vibes:

Ochi's Motel @ Comix, 6:30 and 9pm | Booked in advance
The Lighthouse, 7pm (off for the month) | Booked in advance

Bring It @ The Pit, 11pm
Pennie's Mic @ Under St. Marks Theater, 8pm - 1am

Kingdom of Heaven at The Creek, 8pm
Motel Wednesday at Village Lantern | Booked in advance

SuperEgo at Parkside Lounge, 7pm | Booked in advance

Parkside Lounge, 5pm (signup begins at like 4pm though)

Perch Café, 8pm | Mixed music/comedy/poetry

Some more that other decent comics I know attend: The Creek on Mondays, Cakeshop on Tuesdays, Duplex on Wednesday nights, and Limerick House on Thursdays.

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