Sometimes musicians shouldn't explain their lyrics

Sometimes musicians shouldn't explain their lyrics. Case in point: Singer/Guitarist Nick Young from the band A.i. (a band that appears to be targeted at mildly retarded teenage girls). Here he discusses the meaning behind the songs on the band's album Sex & Robots.

His description of the song "C'mon C'mon":

Just because you have an amazing one-night-stand with someone doesn't always mean you want to have breakfast with them the morning after. The bass line in the beginning always reminds me of revving up your motorcycle, hitting the road solo, and leaving her draped under the white sheets like a crime scene.

Isn't he dreamy?

And here he is on the song "Don't Run":

I believe that there's a spot in a girls mind, just like on her body, that when properly stimulated, results in a divine awakening. George Lucas couldn't have said it any better when Luke Skywalker used the force to blow up the Death Star by shooting his laser beam into a tiny hole.

Yes, that George Lucas really does know what women like.

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