Mildly interesting "Live at Gotham" anecdotes

I heard a couple of interesting notes about the last round of tapings at "Live at Gotham" (the Comedy Central show that gives a lot of up and coming comics their first shot at a tv spot).

1. One of the high-profile hosts had such a bad opening set that he had to come out and do another set at the end of the show just so they could get something usable.

2. At least one comic had the club do a check drop on him while he was doing his taping. I can't even imagine how annoying that must've been. Your big shot and they decide to drop the checks right then!? (Check drops always lead to chatter about the bills amongst audience members.) The club oughta know better. Sure, you can sweeten the laughs later but that's still gonna totally wreck the flow/timing for that comic.

And speaking of sweetened laughs, This always amuses me during televised standup: You hear a laugh track filled with laughter and applause right as the screen shows an audience shot of a completely emotionless room. I admire the balls of that.

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