Great Louis CK interview on XM Unmasked

Just listened to an excellent Louis CK interview (download MP3) on XM Unmasked. He discusses how he came up, his career shifts, how most comics are lazy, Chris Rock, and more. Two parts that stood out to me below...

On surviving failure:

If you can go to places and fail and come out intact, you've got a huge wealth of information. Bombing is much more instructive then [killing].

When you kill, you go, "Hey, look at me!" You don't learn anything. You don't even remember why you killed. "It's cuz I'm great! That's why."

But when you bomb, it's like a murder happened to you. And you've got data. You've got evidence. It's like forensics. You walk around poking things with a pencil and go, "Well, if you hadn't said this after that, it wouldn't have gone so bad." And you learn. You have a huge wealth of information.

On how he transitioned from jokey jokes to being more honest onstage:

I decided I'm not going to come up with jokes anymore. I'm not going to think of funny things to say. I'm going to say the things that are gnawing at my head. Any thought that I've been having a lot, I'm just gonna say it.

And all of a sudden a huge amount of lifelong fear was gone. I just didn't care. Even if I got a "whoa" from the crowd, it just didn't matter. It didn't mean anything to me.

And I get away with it for some reason. Some of it is just because I'm very convicted about it. When I say my baby's an asshole and people go "ohhhh," I go, "Fuck you, you don't know my baby. You don't know this guy."

I just felt impervious to criticism. Because I wasn't making jokes, I was just talking. I was just saying how I felt for once. So that was huge for me.

The whole interview is great. If you're a fan of the "On Comedy" series, don't miss it.

XM Unmasked
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