County Fair and Substantial Stand Up shows

Fun lineups at shows I'm on tonight and tomorrow:

1. County Fair hosted by Ross Hyzer
Mon 8/25 - 8:00pm
Pianos: 158 Ludlow Street (between Stanton and Rivington)

Claudia Cogan (ECNY Nominee, Best Female Standup)
Ben Kissel (the bizarro me - or am I the bizarro him?)
Joe Mande (Best Week Ever)
Matt Ruby (the MTV)
Lisa Delarios (Live at Gotham)
and Baron Vaughn (Aspen Comedy Festival)

2. Substantial Stand Up hosted by Dan Fontaine
Tues 8/26 - 8:00pm
TenEleven: 171 Ave. C

Mike Lawrence
Pat O'Shea
Dan St. Germaine
Kumail Ali
Joselyn Hughes
Matt Ruby
Adam Newman


Paul Kelleher said...
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Paul Kelleher said...

Question: Do you get more laughs with a clean cut hair cut or with a sloppy mop up top? like if i get too close of a haircut and tell a slightly racist joke, i might get booed off the stage, keep it long and it'll probably fly. is it mean or is too clean cut not funny. like why is this comic's shirt tucked in?

start a discussion board matt ruby.

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