"We're All Friends Here": Show on Friday plus Episode 3 of podcast

Latest episode of the "We're All Friends Here" podcast now available...Best one yet!

[PLAY] Episode 3: Rob Cantrell, Kumail Ali, Jacqueline Novak, and Dan St. Germain

Topics covered: dating a heroin addict, menstruation, terrorism, Pakistanis vs. Indians vs. Jews vs. Arabs, weed arrests, marriage, and more. More episodes here.

And come check out the next "We're All Friends Here" show on Friday featuring Jesse Popp, Sean O'Connor, Neal Statsny, and Jena Friedman.

We're All Friends Here
Aug 22 @ The Creek
Hosted by Matt Ruby and Mark Normand
10-93 Jackson Ave at 49th Ave
Long Island City, Queens
Subway: 7 to Vernon/Jackson, G to 21 St/Van Alst, E or V to 23 St/Ely Ave.

Sweet outdoor patio for hanging out after the show too. Come on out.

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