Norm Macdonald rules

Norm Macdonald's so fucking good. The timing, the deadpan, the twinkle, etc. One of those guys who might not have huge mainstream success, but smart comics all recognize how brilliant he is.

And now he's getting almost Kaufman-esque with this awkwardly gentle roast of Bob Saget:

Some more Norm greatness in case you've never seen: Here's Norm, Conan, and Courtney Thorne-Whatever discussing Carrot Top. The fun starts around 1:40 in. Legendary.

I love how Conan nearly falls off his chair at the end.

I always loved this line Norm did about Joe Camel:

This is what I've noticed. He doesn't even look like a fucking camel. He looks so much like a cock, because you know how it's usually subliminal, where you have to find the cock? Right? This character, you have to find the goddamn camel!

He used the same bit on The Daily Show once too. It was two days after crocodile hunter Steve Irwin died. When Norm starts in on the Irwin thing, Jon Stewart goes, "Please don't do this anymore."

Viva Norm!


Unknown said...

ruby check this out:

Artie Lange and Jim Breuer telling stores about Norm on Howard Stern

Danny Solomon said...

It's funny that you put "Courtney-Thorne-Whatever." Was it really the Smith part you forgot? The name Smith?

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Norm on Star Search

Mystery Date joke is my favorite.

Matt Ruby said...

Jason, that Kattan story at the end is gold.

Danny, it was a STATEMENT!

P.S. Norm's coming to Caroline's Sept 25 - 27.

John Smith said...

Viva Norm forever (I don't know how you say "forever" in Spanish off the top of my cabeza).

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