Weekend recap: WAFH, funky buccaneering, Mulaney/Kroll

Fun weekend. "We're All Friends Here" on Friday was a blast as usual. I think we're starting to really hit our stride with the show. There's always a few what the fuck moments and everyone always learns something new (e.g. did you know that wart hypnotizers exist?). We also explored the causes of anti-semitism, big butts, cocaine vs. ecstasy, etc.

I once heard Howard Stern say that if he felt like he shouldn't talk about something on the air then he knew that's exactly what he should talk about. We're using that as a guiding principle of "We're All Friends Here." And I think it's a big part of why the show's so fun.

Then on Saturday, I debuted The Hip Hop Pirate at the Delusions of Spandex show at Parkside Lounge. You will be hearing more from the funky buccaneer shortly. And a video is in the works too. Stay tuned.

Then headed over to Comix to catch the John Mulaney/Nick Kroll late show. They killed it. Mulaney is on such a tear. His Comedy Central Presents tapings is this week (ticket info) and I imagine that's the set we heard. It's going to be the shit. Def some Paul F. and Birbigs influence going on in how his newer bits are interesting stories that still manage to deliver lots of funny along the way.

My fave part of the show was seeing Kroll and Mulaney bring the "Oh, Hello" boys back to life. Just cool to see that level of agreement and unity when characters are totally ridiculous. Plus, they seemed to be entertaining each other a ton too. You def pick up the vibe when two performers have known each other for years and genuinely like each other.

I'm a big Kroll fan too. Fabrice Fabrice live is like nothing else. And the act-outs in his standup are so over the top. Really brings an actorly vibe to stuff which can take bits to a whole new level (Baron Vaughn does this really well too).

Related: I was kinda surprised that Mulaney is writing for SNL now. Is it really a step up to go from a CCP to an SNL writing gig? Hmm. I gotta think he's angling to be on the show in the future. I think he'd make a great news guy (Tina Fey and Seth Meyers both took the writer > news route). Would be cool to see SNL pull in Kroll eventually too. Could totally see "Oh, hello" guys and Fabrice as SNL characters.

And finally, on a serious note, best wishes to Joe Powers. Funny comic, sweet guy, and friend of mine who was injured in some sort of freak roof/balcony accident this weekend. Got this Facebook message about it: "Fellow comedian and friend Joe Powers survived a serious accident this weekend and is currently at Bellevue Hospital in stable but very serious condition in the intensive care unit. While the injuries he sustained are serious, he is doing well." Here's to a speedy recovery.

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