Marc Maron mocks the way comedians laugh

MaronLeft: Marc Maron performing at "Punch Up Your Life!" (Pete Holmes and Jessi Klein's new show) last night.

This was right after a funny moment where Maron started mocking the way comedians laugh. To paraphrase: "See, that's all the comedians in the back laughing. You can tell because they don't actually laugh. They're too jaded. So they just kinda make a noise ('Aaaaaah') that shows they approve."

Guilty as charged. Actually, I don't even make a sound usually. If I think something's well written, it'll get a smirk out of me. But for real laughs, it's usually gotta be a riff or random aside or something I just didn't see coming at all.


london calling said...

comedians do laugh .
It's not that we're jaded its just that we're like magicians who know how a trick is done .

If you can make another comic laugh then you've just done a great joke !

Unknown said...

It's not the first time Maron's made this point. He spent about three minutes criticizing me for laughing that type of laugh earlier this month at an Ochi's show.

Danny Solomon said...

Sometimes I'll just say: "that's a great joke" out loud. Though that would suck if the whole audience did that all the time. Thank god for Welch and Ross Hyzer and Zach Sims when he is giddy.

Dan Fontaine said...

what does maron know about being jaded...oh yeah, a lot. sounds like normand was in the back.

soce said...

When I attend a show, I have a very loud laugh, and I'm not afraid to use it. I figure I go out to have fun, so there's no point in trying to hold back and be too critical. I'm okay with not being jaded enough.

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