Photos of me from SXSW '09

Hey, I was The Honey Shot over at The Apiary today. Here's the photo:

Matt Ruby
Apiary caption: "Matt Ruby performs at SXSW 2009 | Photo: fuzuoko"

Man, I hated those silly wristbands. There are more of fuzuoko's SXSW photos at Flickr, including this one:

Matt Ruby
The cover shot of next month's Smug Illustrated?

And in case ya missed, this video I made goes behind the scenes at the comedy shows at SXSW 2009 (and some rock stuff too).


Luke Giordano said...

I like that tie. Is it wool?

Matt Ruby said...

LG, I don't know and I'm outta town right now so can't check. It's actually my dad's tie from, I assume, the 70s.

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