Video: Behind the scenes at SXSW Comedy 2009

This video I made takes you behind the scenes at the comedy shows at SXSW 2009 (and some rock stuff too). Includes brief cameos from Hannibal Burress, Matt Braunger, Andy Kindler, Todd Barry, Janeane Garafolo, Margaret Cho, Doug Benson, Natasha Leggero, Marc Maron, Sean O'Connor, and others.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. Usually 9 minutes of someone making me jealous sucks...but this was great!

Noticed two things...1.) you have good teeth - make your own waynes world extreme close up joke and
2.) your hair grew a lot from the first shot to the last.

3/24/09, 1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great video - and it's an honor to have a small part bringing you on stage at Coldtowne.

3/24/09, 1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you really brought your A game !

i'm not sure about the beige suit it's a bit "our man in havana " .Were you going for a colonial diplomat look ?

3/24/09, 2:33 PM  
Blogger Matt Ruby said...

DF, you can credit my orthodontist for #1. My teeth were godawful as a youngin'.

The suit is white with pinstripes. And I'll take colonial diplomat any day. Especially in a sea of skinny pants, leggings, and colored sunglasses.

3/24/09, 2:46 PM  
Blogger Luke Cunningham said...


I want to hear whose material you roasted.

Nice job on SXSW. That's awesome!

3/24/09, 10:51 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

what did you use? a flip or fliphd?

3/24/09, 11:14 PM  
Blogger Matt Ruby said...

Used a regular Flip.

3/25/09, 11:15 AM  
Blogger TamaraH said...

Nice slice-of-life for those of us who could not be there. Sounds like you were well-received, congrats! I esp liked the TravelZoo joke. Well done.

3/25/09, 5:35 PM  
Blogger Rajiv Satyal said...

i'm considering hitting up SXSW this year and googled and found your blog/video... dude, i can't usually sit thru 9 minutes of video any more but it was L'JIT... painted the picture very well...

now, i know i don't want to go for sure.

J/K. just wanted to give you props for your work - your jokes were strong and your commentary was great, too.

all the best!

2/15/10, 5:17 PM