An example of an innovative approach to a hack subject: Patton Oswalt's bit on meeting George Lucas

So I've been talking about how TV is a lame subject to tackle and how there can still be interesting approaches to hack subjects. Something that came to mind that relates: Comics who bitch about how the last three Star Wars movies sucked. So done. And really, who cares?

In the hands of most people, I couldn't give a shit. But the exception that shows how you can still take an innovative approach to a topic like that is Patton Oswalt's bit on meeting George Lucas and discussing the prequels. Read the bit or listen to it.

"Would you like a dish of ice cream?"

"Why, yes I would l like some ice cream. That would be very nice!"

"Well here's a big sack of rock salt!"

"What? You said I'd be getting ice cream?"

"Well, when you add the cream and sugar and ice and do a little mixing and then presto, you have ice cream!"

"I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHERE THE STUFF I LOVE COMES FROM! I JUST LOVE THE STUFF I LOVE! Hey, do you love Angelina Jolie? Does she give you a big boner? Well then here's Jon Voight's ballsack! That's right! The sweaty, pink ballsack she swam out of. Now jerk off to that, you lucky so and so!"

I've never even seen any of the prequels yet I still think it's hilarious. Goes to show that if you take a fresh enough approach, you can talk about anything. Plus, ya can really tell that Patton feels passionately about it. When you care deeply about a subject, you can take it to a place that other comics won't be able to reach.

Mo Diggs also mentions another good exception: John Mulaney's bit on the characters in Law and Order. It is pretty great. Again, Mulaney really does seem obsessed with the show which helps. In the hands of a lesser standup, it'd fall flat.

I stick by the original point though. If you constantly talk about TV, you probably aren't a very interesting person. And if you're not an interesting person, it's tough to be a good standup.


Anonymous said...

Good posts lately, was curious how much time you devote to writing comedy each day/week?

MurphGuide.com said...

Good point, Matt.
I didn't care for Star Wars, but I totally get what Patton is talking about. And laughed!

In stand-up, like in many other things in life, its your passion that makes a difference.


Mo Diggs said...

Passion is definitely the key. I tell you I will look at old jokes-you have no idea how many I delete if I don't feel them from the heart

Matteson said...

Am I the only one that does find Jon Voight's ball sack arousing?

Anonymous said...

watching patton record his new album/special on 2/28, i was reminded that there are no hack subjects (only hack treatments thereof) when he KILLED with material about ... his wife's pregnancy!

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