Lines from the Pete Holmes roast at UCB

Outta town so I missed the Pete Holmes roast at UCB. Sounds like a fun one. A spy reports:

Anthony Jeselnik: "John Mulaney is proof that women can be funny."

Somebody called Jared Logan Jiminy Glick.

Pete Holmes: "You may have seen Julian McCollough at the Comedy Cellar or Bang Bus."

David Angelo: "My favorite thing about Mulaney is...Nick Kroll."

John Mulaney: "Kumail is rising fast. The only thing that can stop him now is Allah! You fucking traitor!"

Anthony Jeselnik: "I don't care if Herzog makes it. I just want his mom to die."

Were ya there? Any fave moments?


Unknown said...

Holmes: Jeselnik has an asshole persona, but off-stage, he's really a nice guy. So remember ladies, later on tonight, it's just his persona that will be raping you.

Neil Constantine said...

Kumail: Jamie Lee is here. I think Jamie and Pete were in bed one night and Pete went, "Jamie! I think I figured out how to get you on Whiplash."

Matt Ruby said...

Sean's got a full recap here.

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