Info on my SxSW shows

This week, I will totally be messing with Texas. Well, Austin. Does that even count? Anyway, here's where I'll be performing at SxSW:

FRI Mar 20 8:00pm SXSW comedy show @ The Velveeta Room (following Margaret Cho)
SAT Mar 21 8:00pm Show @ ColdTowne Theater (Chris Hardwick headlines)
SAT Mar 21 11:00pm SXSW comedy show @ The Velveeta Room (following Eugene Mirman)

Check my Twitter feed for updates on how it goes. See the full list of comics performing at SxSW.


Anonymous said...

Rock it!

Danny Solomon said...

Bop it! Twist it!

Anonymous said...

"Bop it. Twist it"????

RG Daniels said...

"following Margaret Cho"?????

Danny Solomon said...

Bop It is the name of that kids toy from the 90s that asked you to bop it, twist it, or pull it. It was a skill game, like Simon. Anyway, good luck Matt

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