Going clean in front of a church group

I did a show in front of a church group in NYC last week and had to keep it clean.

Keep it family friendly. This is a free event which means anyone and everyone off of the street is welcome to wander in and take advantage of this night (and they will.) If you are a comedian or singer or any other performer, no cursing and no sexual content. This is NOT a night of vulgarity.

That's taking away a few of my favorite weapons, but I managed. Actually, I think it was healthy to go clean for a change. I don't want to rely on going blue to be funny. So I threw out some dirty bits and cleaned up some others that have curses but can fly without 'em too. It also gave me a chance to rotate in some older bits that I hadn't done for a while.

The most challenging thing was riffing. I like to be in the moment, but I don't trust myself to be PG-13 if I'm just letting it fly. The whole point is to not worry about what's going to come out of my mouth next. Once a filter goes up, everything's screwed up.

Still, I had some fun when no one there fessed up to being a vegetarian...

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Anonymous said...

What an annoying laugh at the end.

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